Unk's Auto & Transport Svc. LLc.

Unk's Auto & Transport Svc. was founded by Steve Thornton. Our main goal here at Unk's is to provide the best professional towing service in Houston Tx. Help the community to rebuild and grow though this global economic battle. No matter if its a flat tire on the side of the road or a jumpstart in front of your house you can rest ashore Unk's Automotive will be there for you all the way.

24hrs, 7days Towing

Earth Day- Keep Manatee Beautiful

Earth Day is a must. Christine's Angels assisted with community clean up that lead to a lot of unity fun. We infused the area with several different plants, flowers, mulch and sea shells.

Paint with Twist with CAN community

We were join with CAN Community at Paint with a Twist and discussed HIV awareness. HIV is frown upon due lack of education. With the number of resources that take place now helps the community to have access. Partnered up with CAN opened up the youth perspective on HIV.

Adjust Your Crown

Adjust Your Crown gave the girls a chance to witness other successful women to there story. We had life coaches, hair stylist, and nurse practitioners. They explained there struggles, lost, wins and future outcomes.

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Hope this brings some in site to the program. We have plans to do so much and change lives of many young women.

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Phone: 941-304-2432

Email: ianthe@email.com